Fluoride treatments for kids in maple grove, mn

What is fluoride?

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral in your teeth that can be found in food, water, supplements, and products. Since your teeth need fluoride as well as calcium and phosphate to have strong and healthy teeth, this can reduce your risk of developing cavities. 

Patients are recommended to drink fluoridated water and use fluoride toothpaste to clean their teeth so that their teeth will be remineralized and protected from plaque and acids that demineralize the teeth and lead to enamel erosion. 

At the dentist, your child can get a concentrated fluoride varnish that steadily dissolves into their teeth and is a way to protect their teeth from cavities until their next dental cleaning. Contact your Maple Grove pediatric dentist to schedule an appointment for your child.

Fluoride for kids in Maple Grove

Did you know…

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Drinking a fluoridated water source can keep your child's teeth healthy.

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What to expect when getting a fluoride treatment

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thorough oral exam

Dr. Matt will examine your child's teeth to look for signs of active tooth decay.

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First, your child's teeth will need to be cleaned. A standard prophylaxis cleaning that involves scaling and polishing will be performed.

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After their teeth have been cleaned, a fluoride varnish will be painted onto their teeth with a brush or cotton swab.

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No eating or rinsing

For 30 minutes after the varnish is applied, your child will need to avoid rinsing their mouth, eating, and drinking so their teeth can absorb the fluoride.

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how long does fluoride protect your child's teeth?

The actual fluoride itself will remain on your child's teeth until they brush them within a few hours from application. However, by leaving the fluoride alone when it’s applied for at least 30 minutes, you allow it to fully absorb into your enamel so that it strengthens and protects your child's teeth for a few months. How often you should get a fluoride treatment depends on your age and cavity risk. Most children are recommended to get it every 3, 6, or 12 months. Children with a higher cavity risk due to their genetics, oral health, or lack of saliva will need to get fluoride treatments more frequently.

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is fluoride covered by insurance?

Yes, most dental insurance companies cover fluoride treatments for children. This is considered an effective preventive treatment that will keep cavities at bay and prevent the need for more invasive and costly dental work. That’s why insurance companies will cover 80 to 100% of the cost. Contact your insurance provider directly to make sure they cover fluoride treatments. Even if you don’t have dental insurance, fluoride treatments are very affordable.

Did you know…

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Fluoride helps your teeth absorb calcium and phosphate which are necessary minerals for healthy and strong teeth.

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